Children and education

Children are one of the nature’s best gifts that one can have. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. It’s crucial to nurture children in a proper manner and show them the right safe path. And the first and the most important step in this is the education. To educate children in an appropriate way is the first step of giving them a bright future and correct life.

childrens support networkThere are organizations that work for the well-being of the children. One such organization is They are an independent social network that works for the welfare of the children’s education and support their family.  Parents must always take an initiative in this to educate their children in a proper manner. Children often fear to go to a new place. So going to a school also is a big deal for them.

It’s the parents who should take the responsibility and make their child believe that its one of the best thing to happen in life that will turn your life into pleasure and happiness in later days. Parents should never talk anything negative about the teachers. Rather they should say positive things about teachers so that the children thinks them as their friend. Parents must indulge themselves also in learning activity and let their child teach them new things. So proper grooming and development of the child is necessary and for that parents are the solely responsible.

Early Childcare Teacher feels Neglected at Work

Oh My God! I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Early childhood educators feel they are described as being ”just babysitters” in Australia. Not only that they get little respect and recognition for their qualifications, years of experience and talent.

early child educatorsA study of Perth-based childcare workers found that a majority felt they were being driven out of their work, just because of both low wages and people. Not only that including the parents of children they cared for – considering their work is very minor.

Angela Said ”Staff are keenly aware of the low value thought to their work and by others. It usually talked about this through the idea of childcare work as just babysitting.

A study found after interviews with 27 childcare staff from six centres in low, middle and high-income areas and found early educators’ low wages resulted in workers feeling not better and lack of motivation to advance their work life.

Children Services Courses Network in Australia

childcareBut substantial and positive policies changes to the early childhood. While these need to be finalised and of course it will take the time to phase in, the building blocks are in places in Australia.

In Today’s world the early childhood sector, government and community are largely united in valuing in our society of early education. This will impact on how we all recognise the power of need to improve and assure quality.

For the first time in the history of Australia, since preschools and childcare centres hurtled down their separate tracks 100 years ago. Therefore there has been a serious national policies shift around the value of education in Australian Society and the need for quality early education programs for all children in the everyday life.

In Early Child Care and Education are coming together slowly. Australian Govt is putting a greater focus on quality in child care courses, educational significance and outcomes in our society.

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Children Services

Have you heard that there is a huge increase in demand for child care over the last decade in Australia? So as a resulted in a system straining to cope. There are many childcare centres who struggled because of rapid growth, coupled with a myriad of Australian regulatory requirements and severe shortages of qualified staff. And sometimes quality suffered as well.

4859201595_53cff67309_bNow there is an ambitious, and complex policy reform processes to lift quality across early childhood services in Australia are well underway. Not only that the building blocks of reform are in place. You will see that change is happening.

There are many evidence points to the long-term value of early education in Perth WA for the developmental growth. There are lack of services in some areas or poor-quality programs meant many children missed out on quality early education in everyday life. Which is a really nerve racking situation?