Keeping Kitchens Child-Safe

Sometimes, in the arena of childcare, you need to prepare meals.


As children grow up, their diets begin to expand beyond just milk and some juices. They need solid food, and sometimes that has to be prepared on-site. Whether you’re a home kitchen or a childcare facility that has one, you need to practice proper safety.


There are many dangers to a child in a kitchen environment. They can all be avoided. Some of them you can remove through a remodel and careful reading of product features. Some of it is more common sense.


Let’s begin with the structural ones. Most kitchen counters, tables, and the like, have sharp corners. These are a clear hazard for children, who might brush against them and get cut as they run around. Getting new ones with rounded corners can still hurt, but won’t cut.


Make sure that all knives are out of the reach of children. This means placing them in secure containers, the kind that kids can’t pull them out of easily. Another precaution that should go hand in hand with this is keeping them higher up, where only adults can get them.


From there, we can move on to other areas of concern.


Heat is always going to be present. Whether you’re boiling water or heating up as you cook, there’s always something hot in the kitchen. Children who haven’t experienced it yet might be drawn to fires, boiling containers, and the like.


One way to do this is to keep ovens at eye-level. This means that anything that’s cooking is out of reach of anyone shorter than the average adult. Another option, especially for smaller kitchens, is the use of an induction surface. These only heat the pans, limiting possible avenues of exposure.


If you’re getting a kitchen renovated and appliances replaced, invest in ones with locks.


A number of dishwashers, ovens, cupboards, and cabinets these days come with locking mechanisms. These can make it hard for small children to open them by accident. However, they’re also designed to be easy for adults to pull.


The last bit is more of a tip: unplug all electric devices when not in use. This eliminates the chances of a child accidentally turning them on.


It’s something we, as adults, tend to forget. However, when in a home or environment with children, it is important to remember. Even if we think the buttons and switches are secure, a kid could still find a way to turn something on. Best to remove the power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What is involved in becoming a father

Becoming a father is good, but you should as well be expectant of some whole lots of new adjustments it comes with.


Ranging from moments of groaning in pain of your wife, through labor and down to delivery and finally, afterwards. They are moments your ego will be really bruised.




Get ready for some poops, vomits and much more that is better experience than been talked about. Many things really are the considerations, below are some of these.


  1. Will I be capable of caring for a baby?

With the news of having a baby broken out to you by your


wife, comes a mixed feeling of apex-level joy and immense fear. The fear most times is of incapability. We become prone, more than ever before, to fears of not doing enough, not been able to satisfy the expectations of your wife from you in supporting and caring for the kid as the father.


  1. How will this change our relationship and sex life?

Truth is, if you have an easy going lady as wife and have never had any course to quarrel before, now becomes the time for it. Take it or leave it, many things will change. You’ll surely have reasons to quarrel now than ever before. For many, it is all self-satisfaction they want. They consider how much of sex weekly their wife will give them, how much she may nag if they ask for it, hence, they get stuck if they should ask for it or just keep their cool.


  1. Pressures and jest from friends?

To garnish the endless list of the mixed feelings and thoughts you’d consider is the pressure and jest from your friends.

Some friends can be really pressure mounting to the extent of joking over you being put in a cage by the pregnancy, you not being able to go out to enjoy with them of your own volition etc. all because your wife could say,  “stay with me, baby,” and you won’t have any choice other than staying that day.


All these and many more are considerations of you becoming a father. However, one way out I have found and discovered, and have always told new fathers is: Just be calm, if you could handle your adolescent’s stage gross urge for sex, arousal, release of semen while sleeping and all, then you’d handle this pretty well too. And, it goes as simple as that. Frankly, things go cool and way easy for us when we handle with care. But we could also talk about it to our wives too. Talk about how much commitments you’d have, love, care… put it all out, set pace for yourself and be determined to meet up and you will!