Our Proud West Australian Sponsors

When operating a small non-profit organization, one has to get into gripes with financial 5555939590_3c26440e65_btroubles. It’s normal. It’s how it goes. One day you look happy checking out your financials, the next day you dread when the next bill arrives.

That’s how it goes here in Service Children’s Support Network. We are not the Red Cross nor are we the WWF. We don’t have corporate backing nor do we have Bill Gates funding our bankroll.

That’s why we truly appreciate our sponsors. Note that the sponsors fueling our organization are far from being millionaires. They are pure and honest businesses and private individuals who believe in our drive.

It’s not always about the money. Oftentimes, money becomes too trivial for us that we don’t care about that at all. Good thing we have sponsors that see what the group truly needs – way beyond money.

One example of such sponsor is WA Stay. See, WA Stay is not your typical accommodation and property listing business. They are a business with a heart.

Aside from sending consistent donations month after month, WA Stay has done more. At times, Service Children’s Support Network invites guests over from all over Australia to take part in certain events. These can be experts for talks or local celebrities for entertainment purposes. WA Stay does the unthinkable and shoulders the accommodation of our guests.

This did not happen one time, twice, or thrice. This happens every time we have guests over. WA Stay lends us one of their apartments for rent in Western Australia as a private room for our guests.

Oh and our guests are more than happy to take them up on their offer. The rooms from WA Stay are beautiful and are situated in areas that make each stay memorable and safe. WA Stay never fails to surprise us, the community, and our guests every time.