Questions Every Child Care Professional Should Have an Answer To


In general, parents are very conscientious of their children.

Even when they’re willing to hand off their child to a child care provider, they want to feel secure. The parents will be asking many questions, and a caring professional is going to have to answer them. Some of them are obvious, but not all of them.

To help out, we are listing some of the most common questions that parents ask. We’ve also included some of the most likely interpretations parents will make to certain answers.

Parents will want to ask about your licenses and accreditations.classroom-658002_1280

If there are no licenses, it means there’s no authority overseeing the centre. For most parents, that sends alarm bells ringing in their heads. Formal accreditation puts their minds somewhat at ease or at least takes away some of their first worries.

From there, the concern shifts to the particulars of the teachers.

Parents will want to know how much background checking happens.

No one is going to leave their child with just anyone, and an extensive look into someone’s history will tell them that the child care provider takes safety as seriously as they do.

Some parents also ask about the turnover rate for teachers.

You might be wondering why they’d be curious. The main reason is that if teachers aren’t happy, they aren’t good educators. The place might not provide a good environment for them, which doesn’t say anything good about what it’d be like for children.

What is the ratio between teacher to a child?

The more students they have to handle, the more difficult it is for a teacher. If the adult isn’t able to focus on a child’s needs because there are a dozen or more other directions, that causes problems. Fewer students per class also mean more room for the kids to move and explore.

In simple terms, parents prefer that teachers only have a few students to manage. If an educator is overburdened, they’ll know and react accordingly.

Cleanliness is going to be a concern. What parent willingly sends their children cared for in a place that’s filthy, after all?

Going along with that, you’ll also want to clean everything – from the toys to the carpeting – often. Yes, some parents ask about the cleaning schedule.

Reassure parents that sensitive information, such as the child’s social security number or exact birth date, aren’t filed or even requested. With identity theft crimes targeting children on the rise, caution is more important than a complete file.

Finally, many parents ask about disciplinary policy. Namely, when do the educators start applying discipline to the children.

The dividing line will differ from parent to parent, but there is always an age where kids are too young to understand discipline.

If you intend to provide quality child care, these topics will be things you’ll want to have answers for when people ask. You may choose to discuss them with the parents, so you have an idea on how they view the matter and can accommodate them.

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